Financial Solutions

Our last area of financing is our church lending division. Church lending can be difficult since banks don’t want to face the specter of having to foreclose on a church. Also, in New York all church loans must be approved by the New York State Attorney General’s office. This process can take months! Our lenders provide a simple, comprehensive one page qualifying application that also requests the last three years financials, congregation size, and congregation contributions. This application greatly speeds up the loan process. Another plus is we have a group of national lenders who will loan up to 3 1/3 times the church income! This helps when we encounter small churches with less members in their congregation. Once a church loan is placed with the applicable lender we work diligently to close the loan according to the terms that are most advantageous to the church’s requirements.

If you have questions, or wish to apply for a commercial loan please leave your name, telephone number, and email address below, along with the loan scenario. We will respond as soon as possible!